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Deon L Sanders

Therapist | Counselor | Minister | Author | Life Coach

"Many Titles But Only One Mission, 
Healing My People With Love"


My name is Deon L Sanders and I am from a small town in Mississippi. I grew up on a farm and enjoyed every minute of it. I have a masters degree in counseling. I completed my clinical internship at the local Private/Public Psychiatric Hospitals and facilities. I passed the Nationally Certified Counselor’s Exam allowing me to be certified as a National Counselor able to practice psychotherapy. I have 10 years of experience in psychiatric hospitals and facilities working directly with youth, adolescents and adults, couples and families. 



I specialize in African American psychology, Skills , CBT  (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Psychodynamic, Existential , Gestalt and Trauma Informed Care Treatment Modalities 


I also am knowledgeable of how the residual effects of slavery, and religious trauma hinders African American families, and relationship building, and I utilize this to help communities and people of color heal. 


When helping my people I utilize a culturally inclusive technique called Black Therapy where I utilize theory based practices combined with cultural beliefs, practices and systems to identify, and assist clients with healing generational traumas and  toxic thinking. 


In addition I also have a strong background in addiction, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, anger management, sexuality acceptance, self acceptance, and spirituality. I also have experience with suicidal and homicidal ideations and attempts. 

“I look forward to meeting you” 

Deon L Sanders, MA, LPC


Seek Wise Counsel is community based non profit using cultural
specific workshops, retreats, groups, community based events to provide counseling, therapy and life coaching services to communities of color.

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