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Deon L Sanders

Therapist | Counselor | Minister | Author | Life Coach

"Many Titles But Only One Mission, 
Healing My People With Love"


My name is Deon L Sanders and I am a Licensed Psychotherapist residing in the state of Georgia. I am also the Ower/CEO of Seek Wise Counsel and The Sanders Center for Recovery & Mental Wellness. I and my staff, specialize in African American psychology, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Psychodynamic Therapy, Existential, DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), Schema Therapy, Gestalt, Trauma Focused CBT and IFS.  My specific training and education in African American Psychology has provided me knowledge, research, and a deeper subconscious understanding of how the residual effects of slavery, and religious trauma hinders African American families, relationship building, thoughts and feelings to help communities and people of color heal. 


When helping my people I utilize a culturally inclusive technique called Black Therapy.

Black Therapy is my clinically & culturally competent approach to Therapy.

With this approach, I utilize theory-based practices combined with cultural beliefs, practices and systems to identify, and assist clients with healing generational traumas, toxic thinking, toxic ways of building relationships with self and others. 

I also have a strong background in childhood trauma, addiction (substances, sex, porn, gambling) treatment as well with depression, ADHD, anxiety, schizophrenia, anger management, sexuality acceptance, self-acceptance, and spirituality. I also have experience with suicidal and homicidal ideations and attempts. 

Deon L Sanders, MA, LPC

CEO/Licensed Psychotherapist  


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Malia Reese


Are you tired of always feeling sad, unmotivated, lack of energy, and as if no one else cares? Do you have thoughts of wanting to escape, feeling emotionally unsafe, and unable to cope? I am an associate licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor who understands asking for help can be a difficult step, but I am here to say you will not go through it alone.


Sometimes life events and challenges get the best of us or maybe you are struggling to find balance in your life. Relationships with friends, family, and partners can be challenging and maybe you are seeking better communication skills and understanding. Start your journey with me! 

I specialize in working with young adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trouble making new friends, issues adjusting to new situations, and more. Although I specialize working with young adults, I also work with 25+ helping them with similar issues including couples therapy. I also work with mood and personality disorders. 

I have heard people say you have to be "crazy" to seek therapy, but in reality most people just want someone to talk to, and listen in an unbiased and nonjudgmental manner. I want to help you find the best version of yourself, develop healthier coping skills and grounding techniques, understanding how to love and care for yourself, and allow room for grace.

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Evan Pope


Hi! I’m Evan Pope and I can’t wait to work with you! Transitions can be tough at any age. The uncertainty of change can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to feel hopeless. That's why I love working with women of all ages who are facing major, life-changing moments. Whether you're taking on a new school, starting your career, or making another big step in life causing stress and anxiety, I would be honored to walk alongside you.
My expertise comes from a combination of academic studies, life experience, and experience working with numerous individuals during their journeys. Together these have given me a well-rounded perspective that I use to guide clients to a place of growth and healing. My approach is cognitive-behavioral, as well as using solution-focused therapy.
No matter what your background is or current situation in life, I am here to help you navigate the tough times with clarity and direction. Being here exploring your options is a huge first step! When you're ready to take the next one, l'll be here to show you that all you have is all you need.

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Quincy Gilliam


Quincy (Q.) Gilliam is a licensed professional counselor. He serves clients in the state of Georgia and California with clients with co-existing concerns. Before starting on his academic journey into counseling with Walden University completing his Masters in Mental Health.He attended the University of South Carolina.He is currently working on a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

“I work with a diverse clientele and specialize in providing social justice oriented psychotherapy to Black people and other POC, as well as members of LGBTQIA+ communities. I provide culturally responsive therapy, which focuses on the strengths you already have. I tend to use a cognitive-behavioral theoretical approach (CBT), a person centered approach (PCT), while also paying attention to your environment and access to social support. I work with you to build a safe space where you can share your experiences without the fear of being judged, and where you can focus on becoming clear about what you want, and how you want to go about making that happen.”

I believe that all individuals are of significant worth and need to be valued in the therapeutic process of healing and change for emotional issues. My clinical specialties include depression, anger management, anxiety, dysfunctional relationships, trauma reaction/PTSD, ADHD, substance abuse, dual diagnosis, psychosis, LGBTQ+ issues, men's issues, aging, life purpose, and stress management plus many other issues.

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Marcus Golston-Thomas 


Marcus is currently associate level licensed and working towards his LPC.

Marcus is a nationally certified counselor who is working towards his L.P.C.C. licensure. Marcus graduated from Walden University, receiving his Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Marcus possesses extensive clinical experience. He specializes in working with adolescents and adults in extensive in-patient stabilization and residential treatment facilities, as well as juvenile detention

Marcus enjoys working with various clients, including teenagers, adults, married couples, and families. He has a wide variety of experience working with clients who struggle with issues such as family conflict, low self-esteem, anger management, anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, sexual abuse, self- injury, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

Marcus employs a culturally sensitive integrative therapeutic approach. This eclectic approach combines person-centered, solution-focused, and cognitive behavioral techniques to facilitate the client's adaptation to therapy by tailoring treatment to the client's specific characteristics and needs. Marcus persistently incorporates multicultural concepts into the therapeutic relationship because he believes culture greatly influences how we interrelate with those around us.

Marcus was inspired to join the helping profession after observing the lack of mental health resources in his community. As a social change advocate, He has accepted the responsibility to help change the stigma and public perception of mental illness. Marcus is deeply passionate about building and fostering relationships.

Marcus lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he and his wife of 27 years have raised their daughter and five sons. Marcus is an ordained deacon and has a passion to serve those in need. In his leisure, Marcus enjoys spending time with his family, reading, working out, running, bicycling, and participating in
volunteer community service projects.

Seek Wise Counsel is community based non profit using cultural
specific workshops, retreats, groups, community based events to provide counseling, therapy and life coaching services to communities of color.

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