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Understanding Depression

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Depression can be identified by feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, sadness, frustration, anger, loss of appetite, loss of sleep, increase in sleep, loss of sex drive, loss of hygiene fulfillment and lack of productivity. It can cause suicidal thoughts/feelings and ideas. It makes you isolate, stay to yourself, and push people away. Its influence causes you to lash out, see and/or hear things, and be unable to focus, plan and execute per usual. Anxiety can also accompany depression. When depressed, you can be staring at your phone as it rings and have the desire to answer it but lack the energy to help you do it, so you just lay there in darkness and don’t answer. You may even notice the smell of your body odor but be so unbothered by it that – despite the smell – you continue to lay there and waddle in misery.

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